The “Equipment collection point” program

WE ACCEPT appliances from the public for FREE

You can bring any electronic equipment for safe disposal.

Our collection point is located in Kiev at: 16, Polkovnika Shutova Street (the entrance to the factory "Analitpribor").

Working schedule:

  • every Wednesday from 9:00 to 18:00.

Contact phone numbers:


  1. Large household appliances: boiler, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, TV, air conditioner
  2. Small household appliances: electric kettle, hairdryer, curling iron, meat grinder, multicooker, blender, iron, electric shaver, juicer, mixer, toaster, hand dryer, floor fan, coffee maker, deep fryer
  3. Computer equipment and accessories: tape recorder, system unit, monitor, webcam, flash drive, hard disk, keyboard, mouse, switch, router, laptop, motherboard, processor, e-book, mobile phone, tablet, chargers (cable, charging block, power supply), camera, phone headset, headphones
  4. Office equipment: printer, copier, calculator, scanner, telephone set, electromechanical typewriter, currency detector

Why is it important to dispose of equipment properly?

Electronic, household and office equipment are classified as hazardous waste due to the content of mercury, cadmium, lead, tin, nickel and other chemical elements and compounds. The disposal of such waste should be carried out by a specialized company that ensures the return of 80% of the components to the production cycle. Otherwise, all these substances are likely to get into water and soil and will harm not only the environment but all of us.

We are waiting for you and your equipment!

In addition to equipment we accept such hazardous waste from the public as:

  • Fluorescent lamps for a fee - 5,80 UAH/sht.
  • Used batteries (batteries, accumulators from cell phones and laptops, etc.) for a fee of 130,00 UAH/kg

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