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Waste management in a comprehensive manner
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Dispose technique safely!

Write-off of non-working, unusable technique, office technique, gadgets for further transparent disposal.
What kind of technique we are utilizing?
Computer technique
and accessories

System units, monitors, muіфввввввввб ltifunction devices, printers, mice’s, keyboards, power banks, chargers, headphones. And also, gadgets, devices, phones, smartphones and more.

Large household

Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and more.

Small household

Electric kettles, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, fans, hair dryers, toasters, mixers, hoods and more.

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How to cooperate with the WMC through the program «Technique utilization»
Do you have technique for recycling or writing-off?

You finding outdated, non-working, unnecessary technique that needs to be disposed of.

Signing the contract and payment for the service

Create a list of technique that you planning to write off for disposal.

We will agree with you a cost of technique recycling according to the list.

We signing the contract, sending the invoice for payment.

You pay the bill for disposal and technique removal.

Export of technique
for utilization

Our mobile team taking the technique according to the list to our sorting base.

and sorting

Our specialists disassemble the technique into components, sort by type of raw material, accumulate to a certain volume for further refining or disposal.

We are reporting

You receive a full set of documents about recycling, photo-video recording of the process by your request.

You are in an eco-community

Now you supporting the world practice of waste sorting and disposal.

Proper disposal of technique provides:
Preservation of soil, water, minerals and other natural resources.
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change around the world.
Reduction of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.
Saving the environment for future generations.
Technique related to hazardous waste.
We call for the proper management
of this type of waste.
Technique related to hazardous waste.
We call for the proper management
of this type of waste.
Advantages of working with WMC
We dispose of all types of technique without exception. Fast export of technique for utilization;
Guarantee of refining of up to 70% of components from disassembled technique;
Own vehicle fleet;
Individual approach to each request;
Accompaniment of the WMC specialist at all stages of the agreement;
Availability of all permits and licenses;
100% transparency of agreement and provision of a full list of documents;
Possibility of carrying out process of utilization under your supervision as needed;
We are proud of our
eco-conscious partners
Our customers feedback
The "Waste Management Center" company is our partner for disposal of technique for a long time. During cooperation we want to make an emphasis on high professional level and competence of employees of this company, because all recycling works are performed in a timely manner, efficiently and in compliance with applicable law. We also want to make an emphasis the timeliness and accuracy of document management and efficiency in solving tasks. Our company can confidently recommend LLC "Waste Management Center" as a reliable partner in the field of waste disposal. Thank you for your cooperation!
Shvetsov OS
Head of the Service Department of Tipi-Link Ukraine LLC
Eldorado wants to thank LLC "WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTER" for successful implementation of works for utilization of decommissioned and obsolete technique. Special thanks for help in launching the company "Recycling like at first". High qualification and competence of the company's specialists allowed to solve the set tasks in a timely manner, in an organized manner and on time. We would like to emphasize the comprehensive approach to the provision of services, competent prepearing of reporting documentation, prompt solving of all issues that we have. When we were looking for company for the collection, storage and waste utilization for further disposal, Eldorado was taken very seriously and we make a right solution in choice. We truly thank you for the years of perfect cooperation and we are recommend LLC "WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTER" as a supplier to perform recycling services.
Bosak Alexander
Head of Service Department
Thank you for your cooperation! Foxtrot can safely recommend the Waste Management Center as a responsible company for the safe technique disposal.
Cherkun Sergey
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