Hazardous Waste Disposal

We recycle a large list of waste: office equipment and electronics, destroy expired products, neutralize hazardous waste, provide all supporting documents.

When it's necessary to dispose equipment and other hazardous waste?

You need to write off equipment from the company's balance

Remain lamps companies after conversion

There are waste products or expired products

There is a large number of batteries, which can not be stored

You have broken or obsolete electronic gadgets and appliances at home or in the office

How it goes?

  • you send a list of waste and other input data for cost calculation
  • manager forms a commercial proposal and agrees on the terms of export
  • we sign an agreement
  • take out waste
  • provide documents

What the next waste for waste?

Equipment is disassembled the into components: glass, plastic parts, metal, and other elements are sorted by the corresponding type

Accumulate waste for transfer for further processing and manufacture of new products

Hazardous waste is transferred for disposal and those materials which are recyclable goes to recycling

Is there any waste that must be disposed of correctly?
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